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Timeshare Owners for Calling Direct Mail & Email Marketing

We have millions of Timeshare Owners throughout the US, our Timeshare Owners database is the most comprehensive Timeshare marketing database. Our database is highly accurate, qualified, and responsive.  We have current Timeshare Owners and people who have expressed interest in owning a timeshare. This database is used for direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.


Timeshare Owners are millions of highly motivated consumers who currently own a Timeshare Vacation Property. 


Timeshare Responders are millions of highly motivated consumers who have either visited and attended a Timeshare sales presentation. They are professionals and homeowners who spend thousands on their vacations


We have developed a multi-sourced  Timeshare Masterfile that is searchable for any marketing calling or mailing campaigns.  


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Where does the data come from?

We source this database from multiple organization and resource databases.  The Timeshare Owners & Interests Masterfile is compiled from a wide number of data sources.  The data is standardized, updated, duplicates are removed, and the data is merged into a single masterfile marketing database.  A few of the major sources include:

Timeshare Associations

Timeshare Resort Information

Real Estate Transactions

County Deed Registration Transactions

Self Reported Information

Market Research Companies


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