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Renter Data for Calling Direct Mail & Email Marketing

Locate candidates for purchases, renter insurance or any other renter related product or service

Target renter and apartment mailing and calling lists by a variety of selects to suit your needs. Refine selection by age, income, presence of children, marital status, gender, length of residency & dwelling type. We will provide you with the current names & addresses of the apartment dwellers and home renters who reside in the exact area you want to target.

We have many selections available, so call us about additional options & selects. We have millions of apartment renters and home renters in the US with DNC scrubbed phones.


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Where does the data come from?

Credit Bureau Data

Directory Assistance Data

Real Property Mortgage Data

White Page Directory Data

Tax & Deed Transactions

Magazine Subscribers

Transactional Data

Summarized FICO Credit

Direct Response Sources

Online & Offline Surveys


Updated Monthly

NCOA Link ™ Monthly

Do Not Call Files – State & Federal – Updated Weekly






Presence of children

Marital status


Length of residency

Dwelling type

Many more selects available

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