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Hispanic Consumer List for Calling Direct Mail Marketing

Our premier multi-sourced US Hispanic database contains information on millions of hispanic households and individuals. Our hispanic database is the most accurate and comprehensive marketing database in the industry. Hundreds of demographic and characteristics are available, include estimated income, home value, estimated age, marital status, special interests, mail order buying characteristics… and many more.


Hundreds of demographic and lifestyle characteristics are available on the file. Available selects include estimated income, home value, estimated age, marital status, special interests, mail order buying characteristics and more.


Nationwide has developed a multi-sourced consumer information database that are demographically selectable for any marketing communication program from list generation to customer database enhancement. It contains information on millions of households and individuals.


Hispanic data can also be selected by marketing segments like: Affluent Households, Computer Owners, Upscale Seniors and Grandparents, Hispanic Households, people interested in Investment and Finance; Mortgage-holders, and many more unique segments. ConsumerVision can also be used to identify Foreclosure, Liens, Refinance, Construction Loans, Adjustable Interest Rate. Mortgage Term, Second Mortgage, Loan Type, Loan Date, New Homeowners.

Where does the data come from?

Credit Bureau Data

Directory Assistance Data

Real Property Mortgage Data

White Page Directory Data

Public Record

Transactional Data

Summarized FICO Credit

List Example:



City, State, Zip

Phone Number if selected

Filing Date

Discharge Date

Bankruptcy Type

Filing Type

Discharge Type

Dismissal Type

Conversion Type

Estimated Income

Homeowner or Renter

Mortgage Information


Select Geography:




ZIP Code





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